Commercial Business

We work in a variety of industries, including transport, logistics, financial accounting and reporting, as well as in government settings. We provide the great business idea and management for both Public and Private sectors.

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Technical Services

We provides technical support to our customers during the sales phase and to give an appropriate handover for the implementation phase.

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Zaisha Investment Limited located at Kahama, Shinyanga - Tanzania (Head Office).

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Why Choose Us

Our actions are characterized by openness, honesty, and consistency. We honor the commitments and keep our promises.we conduct our business activities honestly, impartially and subordinate indiviadual interest to general organization interest.
Team Spirit
Team Spirit
We establish open and positive relationships to promote cooperation and achieve better results. we believ that the results of the team are always bigger than the individual results of the people who compose it, we encourage and use interactive communication and constructive dialogue we support people in Human Right and Gender equality to prevent segregation of tribalism, Racism and religious issues
Web Development
Discussion of the idea
We provide overall business philosophy and reflect the way we approach our customer and stakeholders.
Web Development
Modern style
To improve the quality of industries by enhancing the performance of their machines, with products.
We make use of every resource, be it human or not, aiming for continuous personal and corporal progress which results from the ideas of all.
Web Development
The company and its employees show loyalty to the client, as well as to each other.
What We Do?

Our Business Activities.

We provide Commercial Business, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients.

The firm’s primarily focus is to engage in providing repairing and maintenances services, wholesales, retail sales, quarrying, plumbing and other services to individual, partnership cooperative societies, companies, profit or non-profit associations and other organizations.

Our Top Staff

Hard Working Team


Albert A. Makapo

Bachelor Degree in Accountancy (BAC)

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Ashraf Seth Mtena

BSC: Mining Engineering

He's the founder of Zaisha Investment Limited.

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HR Manager

Bernado E. Kauzen

Bachelor of Art in Political Science & Public Administration

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Testimonial 1
Managing Director

You guys always get me the talent I need on my business, you get me, and I don't want to work with anyone elase. Thanks so much for our partnership.

Testimonial 1
Marketing Manager

I am very grateful for the experience, thank you. I am glad that I may be of help passing on your information to others who may need your help. Very lovely staff! Extremely helpful!

Testimonial 1

A few weeks on, the relationship seems to have improved considerably. In addition to the fact of the meeting itself gave us permission to reset our relationship and resume a more normal style of communication. I very grateful.

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Zaisha Investment Limited located at Kahama, Shinyanga - Tanzania (Head Office).